Role of KTI


  • Infrastructure Development: A set interior plan along with the specifications, color combinations, designs and layout would be extended to you for the infrastructure development at your location.
  • Manpower Recruitment: As we require skilled and dynamic manpower for this kind of venture, our support teams will shortlist and recruit the manpower for your branch in terms of marketing technical and administration.
  • Man- Power Training: The training of the entire group of manpower at your branch would be conducted by our support team at your location or as decided by KTI.
  • Operational Support: Support and guidance required to start the operation of a branch in terms of standard operating procedures, key performance indices, would be extended.
  • Marketing Support: Our support shall be extended and suggestions and guidance for the marketing and promotional activities at your branch will be provided.
  • Training Support: Training Operation Guidelines through the training manuals, lesson plan, academic guidelines, record keeping, MIS and reporting structure is provided to every branch.
  • Certificate of Excellence: KTI will award its prestigious certificates to all successful young talents.