Begin a Successful Business Partnership


Once an in-principle agreement to go ahead is reached, the following steps needs to be completed to facilitate an early take off.


  • Step 1: Contact us
    Post the details as per the application form.
    Meet us in person for a detailed discussion on all aspects of the association.
    Discuss your apprehensions and get your queries answered.
  • Step 2: Getting started
    Sign a MOU along with the Business Association Fee.
    Organise and complete an on-site inspection of your business premises and start the infrastructure development work.
    Post approval from the legal department, sign the deal.
  • Step 3: Roll out
    Commence training of staff, and begin process on recruitment, manpower enhancement etc.
    Set budgets and chalk out a detailed plan for pre-launch activities &publicity.
    Supervision of the branch operations by the KTI executive.