Computer Hardware & Networking


Career Opportunities:

  • Breakdown maintenance as well as annual contract maintenance of computers for companies as well as individuals (home PCs)
  • Assembly of computers and computer peripherals
  • Networking of computers for companies
  • Sales of computers, computer parts and peripherals


Certificate Course In Hardware (CCH) 6 Months

Basic Electronics & Measuring Instruments, Digital Electronics, Computer Fundamental, Computer Hardware, Microprocessor, PC Troubleshooting, PC Maintenance, Partitioning and Formatting, Installation of Motherboard, Installation of OS & Repairing Software Problems


Certifcate Course In Networking (CCN) 6 Months

Peripheral Devices and SMPS, Data Communication and Networking Concepts, LAN Technology, Basic Theory, Network Protocols, TCP/IP, Cables, Connectivity Devices, Windows Server 2003, Network Maintenance, Wireless Networking, DNS, DHCP


Diploma Course In System & Network Administration (DSNA) 12 Months

PC Hardware, Computer Network, Window 7 Client Configuration, Implementing & Configuring Network Infrastrucher of 2008 Server, Windows Server 2008 Administration, Basic of TCP/IP, Port Scanning, Routing Protocols, Security Terms, Attach of Network, Project & Soft Skills


Diploma Course In Computer Hardware & Networking (DCHN) 12 Months

Basic Electronic, Digital Electronic, Computer Fundamentals, Hardware, Microprocessor, PC Troubleshooting, PC Maintenance, Installation of OS, Data Communication & Networking Concepts, Basic Theory, Protocols, Cables, Network Maintenance, Wireless Networking, Project & Soft Skills.