Career Opportunities:

  • Residential and commercial wiring
  • Motor winding and rewinding
  • Repairing of home appliances
  • Assembly, installation and maintenance of industrial panel boards • Sales of electrical products
  • Electrical maintenance in manufacturing companies


Diploma In Electrical Engineering Services (DEL) 12 Months

Tools & Measuring Instruments , Circuits, Cell & Batteries , Types of Wiring, Wiring for Residential & Commercial buildings, DC Generator, Alternator, D.C. Motor, Transformer, Basic Repair of Household equipments, Home Appliances repair and troubleshooting, Generators, Motor winding, Submersible pump , Starters, Industrial Electrical, Power Transmission and Distribution, Project & Soft skills.


Certificate Course In Electrical Wireman's Trade & Motor Rewinding (CEL3) 6 Months

Introduction to Electrical Circuits, Electrical Wiring, Tools and Measuring Instruments, Conductors & Insulators, Magnetism and Electromagnet, Generators, Motor Winding, Fan, Submersible Pumps, Starters, Types of Wiring, Alternator, D.C. Motor, Transformer


Certificate Course In Electrical Wireman's Trade (CEL1) 3 Months

Electrical Wiring, Tools and Measuring Instruments, Circuits, Cells and Batteries,Types of Wiring, Wiring of Different Applications, D.C.Generator, Alternator, D.C.Motor, Transformer, Electrical Home Appliances, Magnetism and Electromagnet


Certificate Course In Programmable Logic Circuit (CEL8) 3 Months

Basic Electrical & Electronics, Introduction to PLC, PLC Controllers, PLC Programming, Introduction to SCADA Hardware & Software, Relays, Computer Networks, Communication Protocols