Certificate Course In Audio & Video Electronics (CAVE) 6 Months

Types of Modulation, Radio Transmitter & Receiver, Working of Speaker & Yoke,TV Camera Tube,CCVS,TV Broadcasting, Power Supply, Introduction to Antenna & Booster, Remote Control System, Picture Tube Charging, Fault Finding, New TV Techology- LCD, LED,OLED,CD,DVD Player, Dish Antenna, Satellite Communication.


Diploma Course In Electronics Engineering Services (DE) 12 Months

Basic Electronics, Audio and Video Electronics, PCB Technology,UPS and Invertor, Microprocessor Control System, Satellite and Data Communication, Basics of Mobile Telephony, CCTV, Medical Electronics, Project and Soft Skills.


Career Opportunities:

  • Repairing of electronic goods listed under course topics above
  • Sales of electronic goods
  • Assembly & testing of electronic goods in manufacturing companies